Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 16th to 22nd, 2009

This was another really good week of training. Most of my runs I felt stronger and stronger as the run went on. The week started out with a very slow recovery run then on Wednesday I ran a medium-long run at a comfortable pace. Thursday I had the day off of work and the weather was warm and sunny, so instead of my normal loop through the park, I ran down to the ocean and back. The best part about this run was how strong I felt running from the ocean back to the apartment which is mostly uphill. Saturday was an uneventful easy run and Sunday was another medium-long run, the weather was awful, howling winds and pouring rain for the entire day!


6.30 mi, 9:43/mi, 116 bpm

13.54 mi, 8:28/mi, 130 bpm

15.05 mi, 7:51/mi, 148 bpm
This was a really good run, ran the second half faster than the first even with a lot of it being uphill. Last 2 were at 7:23(158) and 7:24(160), last week, near the end of an 11 miler, I ran 7:38(157) and 7:32(161), so for almost the same heart rate, the pace was faster this week. That is a good sign if the trend continues.

6.36 mi, 8:33/mi, 128 bpm

Recovery + Speed
9.32 mi, 8:15/mi, 142bpm
Easy run with 6x100 pickups.

15.04 mi, 7:52/mi, 145 bpm
I ran through a downpour for 2 hours and was totally drenched when I got home. Luckily they kept JFK closed to traffic so I could run in the middle of the road and avoid running through the small lakes forming on the sidewalks.

65.58 miles
Avg pace 8:17/mi
Avg HR 137

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E-Speed said...

wow your heart rate is so much lower than mine! A low day for me is 130s, crazy! Glad you are trending in the direction you want to go!