Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Market St. to Pier 39

This morning I headed out for a run and I was expecting it to be cold and windy since the weather here has been unseasonably cold. I instead was presented with a nice cool morning with very low winds, it was perfect running weather. I headed down Market St which wasn't too crowded at 7am, then made a left on The Embarcadero and ran out to Pier 39. I stopped there to enjoy the view of Alcatraz for a minute and then turned to head back. When I got back to Market street, things started getting a little hairy as there were a lot of pedestrians and even though the side walks are very wide, I had to do a little navigating around people. A few blocks from the hotel a decided I didn't want to wait for a light, so I made a left and headed down to the next major street called Mission. This part of Mission is completely the opposite of Market street, lets just say I won't be running around the Mission / 5 th street area any time soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend at the Tow Path

Saturday and Sunday were two enjoyable days of running, they were the last two runs at the Tow Path with my running buddies. I sure am going to miss our weekend runs and especially breakfast at Bob Evans afterwards!

Saturday I ran 6.6, the first 3 were at an easy pace and then when we turned around, Joe and I kept picking up the pace, it was a great run.

Sunday was the same run, 6.6, but I was out of gas! I felt like I couldn't keep up with my buddies and we were running an easy pace! The second half I ran alone, so I just enjoyed the scenery and didn't worry about the pace.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Running in Place

Yesterday and today I had no choice but to run inside on the treadmill really early in the morning...5am to be exact. With all the get-togethers with friends and lunches with co-workers, there has been no time to squeeze it in at lunch or after work. I could have run outside, but at 5am when it is still dark out, you never know what critters you may run into and I certainly don't want to smell like a skunk or startle any other unexpecting wildlife. Both runs were done at an easy pace, I do find it hard to get moving first thing in the morning, but after about a mile I usually start to pick up the pace.

This weekend will be the last 2 runs at the towpath before flying out to San Francisco early Monday morning.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Run gone wrong

We met at 5:30 for the typical Wednesday night hill run and before the run even started, my stomach was feeling a little iffy so I wasn't sure if I was going to push it to hard. *M* showed up for the run and I knew he was going to want to run faster than the pace the group typically starts out at. Sure enough when the run started, he immediately started at a quick pace. Of course, I can't just sit back and run easy, so off I go too. The first 3.7 miles are mostly downhill on this course and *M* and I ran the first two in 7:41, 7:18, then he wanted to slow down a bit and save some for the hills, I on the other hand was feeling spectacular, so I kept pushing it and did the next one in 7:06. By now I was into the hill portion so the 4th mile slowed to 8:22, but that's also when disaster hit! The 'iffy' feeling in my stomach was back and by 4.25 miles in, I had to stop and walk... not fun especially when I was having such a great run. I ended up walking about 3/4 of a mile before I was rescued by my hubby, but not before a torrential downpour hit completely drenching me! fun stuff :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

5 Days and Counting...

I went for a final lunch run today with my downtown running buddies, Salty, ESpeed and DaisyDuc. They suggested that I start a blog to share my adventures in San Francisco, so here I am with my first blog post! I must admit that I tried to blog a while ago and after 2 posts realized that I just didn't have the time or the drive to keep it updated so I dropped it. This time I think it will be different since I'm leaving in 5 days to move to San Francisco and it will be a good way to keep friends and family updated on running and other excursions in San Francisco.

The run today in downtown Cleveland was very nice, we ran about 4-5 miles including the usual run out on Marginal. It was great to get out over the lunch hour and spend time chatting about running, racing and moving with the girls.

Tomorrow I'll running the usual Wednesday night hill workout and I hope to run the hills hard and get in a negative split. This run is a 5.5 mile loop through the metropark, the first half it downhill and the second half uphill....tough!