Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Market St. to Pier 39

This morning I headed out for a run and I was expecting it to be cold and windy since the weather here has been unseasonably cold. I instead was presented with a nice cool morning with very low winds, it was perfect running weather. I headed down Market St which wasn't too crowded at 7am, then made a left on The Embarcadero and ran out to Pier 39. I stopped there to enjoy the view of Alcatraz for a minute and then turned to head back. When I got back to Market street, things started getting a little hairy as there were a lot of pedestrians and even though the side walks are very wide, I had to do a little navigating around people. A few blocks from the hotel a decided I didn't want to wait for a light, so I made a left and headed down to the next major street called Mission. This part of Mission is completely the opposite of Market street, lets just say I won't be running around the Mission / 5 th street area any time soon!

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