Sunday, February 15, 2009

February 9th to 15th, 2009

After feeling pretty tired lately and wondering if maybe I was putting in too many miles, I finally feel like I had a breakthrough week! I felt stronger than ever!


Lactate Threshold
10.16 mi, 7:51/mi, 148 bpm
7:21 (160)
7:19 (162)
7:19 (163)
7:17 (159)
7:07 (167)

14.06 mi, 8:06/mi, 151 bpm
HR went a little crazy during the run today, jumped up about 20 beats for the same 8 minute pace.

5.14 mi, 8:19/mi, 141 bpm
HR very high again today, or at least higher than normal. Pace felt easy though. I started getting a sore throat at work, so maybe the high heart rate was an indication of a pending cold. Luckily by Friday the sore throat was gone.

11.08 mi, 7:57/mi, 146 bpm
Felt really good today. There was a guy on the path ahead of my and I felt compelled to chase him down, so after averaging about 8:15 for the first 5, I started picking it up to catch him and then after I passed him I was in a groove, so just kept going with it. The last 6 I was feeling strong, splits:
7:44 (152)
7:38 (156)
7:36 (156)
7:38 (157)
7:32 (161)
7:47 (162)

Long Run
21.01 mi, 8:05/mi, 140bpm
Felt pretty good and kept a pretty even pace throughout the run, felt really strong at the end and picked up the pace to 7:34 and 7:29 for the last two miles.

Aerobic Run
8.58 mi, 7:39/mi, 154 bpm
It was pouring rain all day today and since I had to work this morning, I only got my run in around 3pm at which time the puddles were very deep. After realizing I was not going to get away with dry feet, I happily bounded through the puddles, some which were do deep the water was up to my calves. So along with the puddles, it was raining with 20 mile an hour winds. Sounds like fun, I know. Anyway, usually I love to run on JFK Blvd on Sundays since the road is closed to traffic, but since nobody was crazy enough to be out in the rain, they opened the road early and I was forced to run on the path which is another reason I couldn't avoid the massive puddles. After about 3 miles, I felt like my legs were running on their own and at the half way point the pace dropped from even 8's to 7:15's. Maybe my body just wanted to get home as fast as possible, I'm not sure, but I felt really great today and the pace felt comfortable. Last 4 miles:
7:15 (162)
7:12 (165)
7:16 (168)
7:18 (158)

Total: 70.04 miles

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