Saturday, April 25, 2009

April 13th to 19th, 2009


5.03 mi, 8:41/mi, 126 bpm

Aerobic + Speed
7.06 mi, 7:47/mi, 147 bpm
Did 8x100 pickups

Unplanned off day. Didn't feel like running in the morning, was going to do it after work, but by the end of they day I was really tired and decided to just take an extra day off this week.

12.01 mi, 8:29/mi, 133 bpm
This run started out in the dark of the morning with me tripping over a speed bump because I was forced off the sidewalk due to a parked car! Let me tell you that dark speed bumps without yellow paint are very hard to see before the sun rises! Anyway, luckily I was wearing tights so I only removed 1 layer of skin from my knee! I walked off the pain for about 5 minutes and then decided I could still run so off I went! The rest of the run was great, it was a perfect morning with temps in the low 50's and plenty of sun once it came up.

10.09 mi, 8:39/mi, 127 bpm

Long Run
17.02 mi, 8:25/mi, 136 bpm
This run started out really great, it was a lot warmer than usual and I was very excited about that. When I left the apartment it was 72 and when I returned it was 82. I guess I am not used to the heat though becuase half way through the run I started getting extremely thirsty to the point that I was changing my route so that I could run by water fountains. Oh my, I don't know how I made it through the last few miles, I can't remember the last time I felt so dehydrated during a run...actually I do, it was the summer of 2007, running the towpath with TM and it was 90+ and very humid at about 8am.

51.21 miles
Avg pace 8:25/mi
Avg HR 134


E-Speed said...

when is your race? It seems like you are going to do great based on your training!

Joann said...

Thanks!!! The race is this weekend, woo hoo!!! Ran 7 yesterday with 2 miles at 'race pace', and it felt so easy!! Hope that's a good sign for the race. I don't really know what 'race pace' is going to be, I'm thinking of trying for 7:30's and see how that goes. I hit 7:20 for both miles yesterday and they felt easy, so we'll see what happens on Sunday! Good luck with the pacing at the Pig on Sunday!