Sunday, April 5, 2009

March 30th to April 5th, 2009

3.77 mi, 9:22/mi, 120 bpm

VO2 Max
9.27 mi, 8:00/mi, 140 bpm
5x600's, I wasn't too technical about this run, since I wasn't at the track, just ran 5 x 2:30, so the pace ranged from 6:30 to just under 7. I have a hard time moving fast so early in the morning, so the first interval is always way too slow. I suppose I should add an extra one on in the future to make up for it.

8.12 mi, 8:29/mi, 130 bpm

5.33 mi, 9:03/mi, 119 bpm

13.25 mi, 8:33/mi, 129 bpm
Was supposed to do this run on Wednesday, but kept putting it off because I was tired and got out of the house too late in the morning.

6.06 mi, 8:30/mi, 126 bpm

Race + Long Run
18.17 mi, 8:03/mi, 139 bpm
Did a 10k race today in Golden Gate Park, it was a beautiful day for a race! I jogged from the apartment to the start of the race which is about 2.5 miles and then warmed up a little more for a total of 3 miles. Prior to leaving for the race and even while jogging there, I was doubting even doing the race! I reminded myself that it would be good company for part of my long run, so just do it even if you won't be fast! Anyway, the race started and the first mile has a bit of a climb and was also into the wind, but by some amazing force, there was this nice tall runner running about the same pace as me so I tucked in behind him and used him as a shield until the course turned and headed east - thanks buddy! After I broke away from him, I caught up to the next group ahead of me and stuck with them for a bit, but soon I dropped them and started catching up to the next group. By this time I started realizing that I was feeling really good and these sub-7 miles were feeling pretty easy! I couldn't believe it, I thought I was going to struggle but it was quite the opposite, the training feels like it was really starting to payoff! About mile 3 we started down a downhill stretch and that's when a guy in the pack I was in said he couldn't keep up anymore and started falling off the back of the our little group, I tried to encourage him to stick with us and he told me to stick with the guy ahead of us to which I replied I was trying! This guy was about 50 yards ahead of me by this point, I had already made up some ground though because he was well ahead of me for the first 2 miles. Anyway, I stuck with him all the way to the 6 mile marker and we were picking off other runners along the way, it felt great! After the last mile marker though, he found another gear and dropped me. I was really pleased how this run turned out, I felt really strong through the entire run, uphill and downhill. The last 1.25 miles is all uphill, so my pace did slow down, but I always felt strong. Anyway, I did not get a PR today, but I feel this race was a good indication that my training is progressing nicely!

63.96 miles
Avg pace 8:24/mi
Avg HR 132

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