Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Perfect Running Headphones

After destroying many pairs of cheap and not-so-cheap headphones while running, I think I finally found the perfect pair! They are called Nike Flight and I really like the way they feel while running, or more accurately, the way the don't feel. When I run with these headphones I don't even know they are there. They sit lightly in my ears so they don't start hurting after 2 hours of running. The way they sit in your ears makes them impossible to fall out and the cable comes out behind your head and runs down the center of your back which keeps the cable completely out of the way. I am hopeful that this pair will not meet the fate of so many others in the past. The most common problem I've had is that after a few runs, the cable starts breaking down from the constant movement and the sound starts to cut out. Hopefully this cable management system will make that a non-issue.

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