Sunday, January 4, 2009

December 29th, 2008 - January 4th, 2009

This is the first official week of marathon training and I must say that I am quite pleased with the way it went. The biggest issue I was having was with my knee/calf but that seems to be working itself out and I was able to complete all planned workouts this week.


Run - 11.5 mi, 8:25/mi, 144 bpm
Bike - 5.5

Run - 6.35 mi, 8:11/mi, 141 bpm
Bike - 5.5
The run started out promising but took a turn for the worst at about 5 miles. I was let out of work early, 2pm which is when I started running. I didn't know I was getting out that early and ate lunch at, that wasn't good.

Run - 9 mi, 8:03/mi, 143 bpm

Run - 4.5 recovery, watch battery died, so no data

Run - 15 mi, 7:46/mi, 155 bpm
I was pretty pleased with this run. I was going to shoot for an 8 minute pace, but after 2 miles, I fell in to the 7:20 groove and stayed around there for 8 miles. My heart rate was a little higher than it should have been but it's probably from taking so many days off the last two weeks due to the knee/calf issue.
Here are the splits for the middle 8:
7:16 (155)
7:21 (156)
7:17 (158)
7:18 (166)
7:23 (163)
7:29 (156)
7:36 (163)
7:36 (158)

Run - 8 miles w/10x100, 8:21/mi, 136 bpm

Run 54.35 miles
Bike 11 miles

Overall a successful week.

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