Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 8th - 14th 2008

Running - Off
Cycle - to/from work, 11 miles

Run - 5mi, 8:35/mi, 140bpm
Cycle - to/from work, 11 miles

Run - 5.16, 8:35/mi, 138bpm
Another easy run, legs feeling OK but not very peppy
Cycle - to/from work, 11 miles

Run - Off, was very tired so uncharacteristically, I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep
Cycle - to/from work, 11 miles

Run - 7mi, 8:31/mi, 134bpm
Felt good, but the legs were not turning over very fast, in other words, I felt like I was running 8 min pace but it was actually 8:30's hmmm
Cycle - to/from work, 11 miles

Run - 5.75mi, 8:04/mi, 144bpm
Felt really good on this run, had to slow myself down since I had a race planned for Sunday.

Run - 11mi Total, warm up 2.2 miles, 5k race, then 5.8 miles to finish up.
The race was a very small race put on by a local running group, they organize races almost every weekend throughout the year. This one started at the Conservatory of Flowers so I could just jog over to the start from my apartment. The race is low key, no shirts, no awards (just ribbons) and no chip timing, they did have bananas, oranges etc at the finish which was nice. The race only costs $5 and its a good way to some racing in without having to drive somewhere, spend a lot more money, etc. While warming up I noticed there was a women there that looked like she could be pretty fast, when she lined up at the start with her racing gear on, I knew she was going to be fast. She finished the race in 18 something, 1st women. The race went down JFK then looped around the lake and back on JFK to the finish. My main goal for this race was to just get in a practice run before a race I'm running next week. I planned to focus on form and getting my heart rate over 170. My heart rate ended up being 167, 168 and 170. I think for the first time ever my third mile was the fastest of the race. I felt really good for the third mile and started picking off people. The second mile was the slowest, but I did not feel like it was because I was running out of gas because I felt fine, but that section of the race goes up and down and around the lake. Nobody passed me on the second mile and I didn't fall out of position, so I think a lot of people slowed down. The end result was a 20:22 for the race not bad considering I haven't done a 5k in a while so I am looking forward to next weekend's race to see if I can better this. I ended up as the 2nd women and came away with a fancy ribbon to commemorate the occasion :). A few minutes into the race it started raining and then it was pouring. I wanted to get my long run in so I was planning on running home after the race and changing out of my racing flats but since I was already drenched and knew if I went home I would not want to go back out, so I did my 'cool down' of about 5.8 miles in the pouring rain, it was enjoyable but at the same time bone-chilling. The nice hot shower felt really good when I was done!

33.91 miles running
55 miles cycling (commuting)

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E-Speed said...

Good Luck with next weeks race! Glad you are having so much fun out there in San Fran! I wish I could ride my bike to work, but it is a bit too chilly this time of year :(