Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 22nd - 28th 2008

This was another slow week, still trying to get over the 'knee' pain. Actually, by the end of the week I started to realize that the pain was actually in my calf but was radiating to the knee area. I started massaging a sore spot on my calf on Saturday and on Sunday I was able to get in 8 miles with only mild discomfort. I took Monday the 29th off and this morning I did 11.5. The run wasn't without any discomfort though, after about 4 miles I started feeling it, and by 7 miles it had peaked, interestingly enough, somewhere after 7 miles the discomfort magically disappeared and the rest of the run felt pretty good!

Cycle - 5.5 mi

Run - 7 miles, 8:26/mi, 143bpm
The knee/calf felt great for the first 6 then really started bothering me.
Cycle - 5.5 mi

Run - 3.75 mi, 8:27/mi, 139bpm
This wasn't the planned run but the knee/calf was not cooperating.

Run - 4.22 mi, 8:24/mi, 130bpm
Nothing like starting Christmas morning with a run! Too bad I had to cut it short once again.

Off - Family in town, touring San Francisco

Off - Family in town, touring San Francisco

Run - 8 mi, 8:15/mi, 147bpm
Finally the knee/calf cooperated after some massaging. This run felt really good, I guess all this downtime gave my legs a little extra spring. The last few miles in the park felt like I was on autopilot. I was also testing out my new headphones that I got for Christmas and they are awesome! Finally a pair that stay in my ears and don't bother me. I hope these will last a while, I haven't had much luck with headphones.

Run 22.97 miles
Cycle 11 miles

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